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Shop the perfect engagement ring for your true love to accompany the most beautiful question of your life. Diamond Point has a wide range of diamond engagement rings. Choose the design that best fits your true love. Do you need some help with your choice? Visit the Diamond Point shop close to you! We would love to help you find your ultimate engagement ring.


The Solitair engagement ring is the most popular design among engagement rings. In this design, the diamond is the real eyecatcher of the engagement ring. By placing the diamond in the middle of the ring, the diamond really draws attention. The Solitair engagement ring has a classic look and it can be perfectly combined with an Alliance wedding ring. Diamond Point has a wide range of Solitair engagement rings. The exclusive Hearts & Arrows collection is designed for women who do not go for second best and strive for perfection. Therefore, the diamonds of this collection are perfectly cut. You could also choose to purchase a ring of the Groeibriljant collection, which makes it possible to grow within two years into a new ring with a bigger diamond (so you do not have to think about an anniversary gift). Our solitaire engagement rings of the Enchanted collection are also part of our bestsellers; the brilliant cut diamond our placed in a way that it creates the illusion of a bigger diamond. 


All those white diamonds are beautiful, but what if my true love is more into colours? Diamond Point offers magnificent engagement rings with sapphires, rubies or amethysts. For example, take a look at our Ensemble collection which consists of lovely gold engagement rings with semi-precious stones. Or sneak a peek at our Since 1904 collection and enjoy a more vintage engagement ring with a sapphire, ruby or emerald.

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