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The most beautiful promise is accompanied by wedding rings that you will wear together your whole life. Therefore, it is quite important that you find your perfect rings. Design your own unique wedding with our wedding ring designer in the shop. Determine the colour of the gold, how large the ring is, how many diamonds you prefer and more. The possibilities are endless. Do you prefer to not design it yourself? Choose a ring from our wide range of wedding rings.


Alliance wedding rings are the ultimate symbol of eternal love. An Alliance ring contains a row of sparkling diamonds. It is a small ring, especially designed to wear together with other rings. It does not just fit your own taste and style, but it also draws extra attention to your engagement ring. In our Alliance collection, there are many types of diamond cuts and placement. For example, an Alliance ring with a rail-placement and brilliant cut diamonds is a great combination. You could also choose to make your diamond shine more by choosing a chaton-placement with four or six claws; your diamonds will sparkle in the most beautiful way. For the most shiny result, combine the ring with a solitaire engagement ring.


Lovely, all those white diamonds, but what if you prefer more colourful wedding ring? Sneak a peek at gold wedding rings with a sapphire. A wedding ring with a sapphire could even be your something blue! Do you want more advice about wedding rings? Make an appointment with our wedding ring specialists at one of our seven Diamond Point shops.

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