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Our craftmanship

Diamond Point wishes to emphasize craftsmanship. The 14k and 18k jewels are mainly being designed and crafted in own atelier. The designers get inspired by nature’s beauty, feminine shapes, foreign cultures, contemporary art and timeless patterns.

After the design process we carefully develop the design into beautiful jewelry. The goldsmiths decide which gemstones we set in the jewel, which gold colours fit best into the design and spend lots of time into further detailing. We still select all diamonds by hand, by having a close look under a loupe to view and approve the diamond.

Then the goldsmiths work on crafting the jewel. They handle every gram of gold and every diamond with the greatest possible care. They produce the jewel completely by hand, using the tools needed. Settings are being moulded from gold, gemstones are set and the gold is being polished into perfection. Resulting in a glorious jewel that is authentically and traditionally handmade and can be worn forever.

Do you have a special desire or request for a jewel, or would you like to completely customize your jewelry? Contact us so we could tell you all possibilities.