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We believe that craftsmanship comes along with responsibility and respect for the sources our jewelry comes from. Maintaining quality and monitoring the production chain is essential; from gold and diamondmine to our customers.

Diamond quality
Diamond Point’s jewelry satisfies the highest quality requirements. All jewelry is produced traditionally. All diamonds delivered by Diamond Point are obtained from legitimate sources which are not related to the financing of warring parties and adhere to the resolutions of the United Nations. Diamond Point guarantees that these natural diamonds are written warranties given by the supplier of these diamonds and not any conflict diamonds. Diamond Point is an independent jeweller in the area of precious stones and their processing. The independent purchase division for diamonds is based in Antwerp, the world’s most important diamond centre. Diamond Point is a part of the Van Gelder Group, since 1904 active as wholesaler in watches and jewelry. Diamond Point is a WFDB-Registered Diamond-Exchange Member.

Our gold is obtained from gold supplier Schöne Edelmetaal. At the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) they are accredited as Good Delivery Refiner for gold and silver, audited for the Responsible Gold Guidance. This audit confirms that Schöne Edelmetaal’s activities take place according to this Responsible Gold Guidance.

The Responsible Gold Guidance requires, among others, a policy and procedures that demonstrate the gold is being offered for recycling, not obtained from conflict areas in Africa, or endangers the violation of human rights and freedom.

Stock constraints
We highly value recycling and sustainability. However we melt possible remaining stocks, during this melting process we lose valuable metals. For this reason we limit our stocks. This means we do not have all sizes, gold colours and designs in stock of all jewelry designs. When you come across a jewel with a 3 to 6 weeks delivery time, this means that your jewel will be specially made in our atelier. That way it will take longer for you to be able to wear your jewelry, but you will help our intention of sustainable entrepreneurship.

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