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All about our Groeibriljant™ saving system

Start your brilliant tradition now!


Did you know that Groeibriljant™ diamonds can grow? Not litteraly of course, but you can gradually make your Groeibriljant™ jewelry more valuable. How? Growing with Groeibriljant™ jewelry means that you can exchange your jewelry within two years for a new piece of jewelry with a larger diamond. You only pay the difference amount.


How does it work?

With the Groeibriljant system you gradually make your jewelry more valuable. Within two years you can indicate to one of our shops or to our customer service that you want to grow into a larger piece of jewellery. Our colleagues can then advise you with a growth proposal, taking into account the following conditions:

Exchange your Groeibriljant jewelry for a new piece within two years.

The difference percentage must be at least 35%

The difference percentage must be at least €150,-

The Groeibriljant jewelry that you trade in is worth the same as the new value applicable at that time. Your jewelry has therfore not become less valuable depite wearing it!

You can change gold color, model or type of jewelry with every growth

Your Groeibriljant jewelry is insured against theft for a year at Diamond Point free of charge. After trade-in, your new piece is also insured for free for a year.

Do you want to grow your Groeibriljant™?



Trade in Groeibriljant

The Groeibriljant system is used by several jewelers. Do you have a Groeibriljant piece of jewelry from another jeweller? Then you can also continue to grow with that piece of jewelery at Diamond Point. We do use a higher percentage of additional payment. Interested? Take your jewelry and certificate to a shop nearby. Here too, our colleagues can advise you with a Growth Proposal.

All our Groeibriljant jewelry is made of 18 carat white, yellow or rose gold and the diamonds are all brilliant cut. Are you curious about our Groeibriljant jewelry? View our range or use our the tool to find a Groeibriljant that suits you!

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