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Grow your Groeibriljant™

Ready to grow?


You have been wearing your Groeibriljant ™ jewelery with lots of love for a while now. It's starting to itch: your diamond can be a bit bigger! Because you have chosen a Groeibriljant™ piece of jewelry, you can let your diamond grow.

On this page you can read everything you need to know about your next step.


Let's grow!

With your next growth, you naturally want to see that your new diamond is noticeably larger. Below you see different carat weights and a diamond according to actual size. Visualize your next step with this. Of course other carat weights are possible that are not shown.


Calculate your next step

Suppose you have a Groeibriljant™ pendant with a 0.02 ct diamond and want to grow to a pendant with 0.15 ct diamond.

The 'old' pendant has a current value of €165.

The price of the new pendant is €760,-

Difference amount is €595,-


You pay €595 to grow your diamond.

The minimum growth percentage of 35% and the minimum difference amount of €150 are met

We are happy to make you an interesting proposal!