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Discover your birthstone


What is a birthstone?

Gemstones have been topic of many conversations due to their fascinating colours and the way they play the light. Birthstones are a collection of gemstones which each represent a month. Each birthstone has unique qualities with a positive impact on the person who was born in that particular month. 

Wear a jewel with your own birthstone and experience the positive effect of the gemstone on your health, lovelife or personality. Giving a jewel with birthstone that belongs to the birth month of the receiver has symbolic value and is a protective gesture. Choose the gemstone by selecting the coloured circles underneath and discover the meaning and power of jewels with birthstones.

Choose your birthstone: 

Garnet January
Amethyst February
Aquamarine March
Diamond April
Emerald May
Pearl June
Ruby July
Peridot August
Sapphire September
Opal October
Citrine November
Topaz December

Birthstone Garnet

The garnet is the gemstone of connection, love and devotion. The garnet has been used as decoration for more than 5000 years and was the most popular gemstone in ancient Rome. During the Middle Ages, people used the garnet to decorate their shields and swords. Since victorian time the garnet has been used as a present to express love and loyalty. Because of the red warm colour, the garnet is the perfect gemstone to express such feelings.

Birthstone Amethyst

The amethyst is a special gemstone which Egyptians and Romans used to decorate jewellery and amulets. The beautiful purple amethyst has been a praised stone because of its colour and healing powers. Since the 19th century the amethyst has been used by Victorian jewelers in pendants, broches and other jewellery. The amethyst became one of the most desired gemstones of the world, mostly because of their variety of colours, from light- to dark purple. Both Catherina de Grote and Leonardo da Vinci were great admirors of the purple gemstone, because of its purifying effect.

Jewelry with your birthstone

Birthstone Aquamarine

The aquamarine has been used by the Greeks and Egyptians since 400 BC. For them, the aquamarine was a symbol of purity and loyalty. By getting lighter and darker, the stone would show what is true and untrue and this would warn the wearer for bad people. The bright aquamarine literally means ‘water of the sea’, referring to its green-blueish colour. The aquamarine used to be a amulet during sailings and a lying detector, now it is the perfect gift for people born in March.

Birthstone Diamond

The diamond is the king of the stones, and a real precious stone. Diamonds are the symbol of beauty and love. It seems that in 2500 BC the Chinese used diamond to polish other gemstones. Around the same period, in India people already wore diamond jewellery. There are quite some legends attached to this incredible and most famous gemstone. Also, lots of magical or healing powers have been assigned to the diamond. Diamonds are the symbol of wealth and are part of many crown jewels. Diamonds are a rare and valuable minerals and come in many colours, with white as the most common and wanted colour.

Birthstone Emerald

For over 4000 years the emerald has been used as both a healing stone and a decoration stone in jewellery and art. The emerald has been found in Egyptian crypts and was one of the favourite precious stones of Cleopatra. The Aztecs decorated buildings and temples with emeralds and in the Middle Ages many magical and healing powers were assigned tot the emerald. Many cultures considered the emerald to be the symbol for power, hope and the spring; the forever returning green after winter. Wear this gemstone with its rich history and follow the footsteps of emerald lovers such as Cleopatra and Jackie Kennedy.

Birthstone Pearl

The freshwater pearl gets formed in the freshwater mussel which live in lakes, rivers and other freshwater areas. Freshwater pearls completely consist of mother of pearl. Countries like China, Japan and America cultivate pearls; natural pearls can heardly be found today. There are many different shapes and sizes of the freshwater pearl, more than any other pearl. The freshwater pearl comes in white and other pastel colors like purple, salmon or pink. This classy gemstone is timeless and an incredible gift from nature.

Birthstone Ruby

he ruby is considered to be a precious stone, because it would not change its intense red color during heat treatment. The ruby is a strong stone, has a beautiful intense red color and is quite rare. There has been said that, because of the red color, the ruby stands for love, passion, courage and emotion. Also, the gemstone should protect against bad luck and give courage and authority. For centuries the ruby is considered to be one of the most valuable stones on earth. That’s why many rulers and kings wore and still wear rubies as jewellery and they decorate their clothes with rubies. It is also believed that the ruby has healing powers; it would injure infections, improve the immune system and purify blood.

Birthstone Peridot

The peridot was one of the favourite gemstones of Cleopatra, besides the green emerald. The peridot would slow down the aging process. The peridot stands for dignity, loyalty and honesty and protects against bad nightmares and ensures happiness in marriage. This gemstone comes in a wide range of incredible colours from green-yellowish to brown-greenish, with lime green being the most common colour. Peridot jewelry create a fresh addition to your look, since lime green colours are considered young and fresh.

Birthstone Sapphire

The sapphire is the precious stone of Apollo, the Greek God of prophecy and predictions. Also priests used the sapphire to predict the future. The mysterious sapphire comes in many colours, but the dark velvet- to violetblue one is the most valuable. The sapphire stands for truth, purity and honesty. The gemstone would reduce fevers, eye problems, hearing problems and rheumatism. It is also being said that the sapphire would give power to resist temptations and remove unpure thoughts.

Birthstone Opal

The opal is a fascinating semi-precious stone. Some opals contain colours as colourful as rainbows; other opals draw attation because of their deep and lively colors. Many people believed that the stone would give one beauty, success and luck. The Greeks believed that the opal could predict the future and for the Romans the opal symbolized hope and purity. In Southern Australia people thought that the creator of their forefathers rode on a giant rainbow to earth and turned all stones he touched into opals.

Birthstone Citrine

Citrine is a rare, yellow coloured variation of quartz, which thanks its colour to enclosed iron and aluminium. The name citrine comes from ‘citrus’, because of its yellow colour. The yellow gemstone is also known as ‘healing quartz’, because of its power to soothe people and to calm people down. It could make negative feelings go away and increase imagination. It also is called ‘trader’s stone’ because of the wealth and success the citrine would attract.

Birthstone Topaz

The Topaz traditionally stands for love and prosperity. The name comes from the Greek and is derived from an island in the red see; the place where the topaz first got discovered. The Greek thought that you could become invisible when wearing a topaz. This beautiful gemstone boosts empathy, honesty and joy. Although, the topaz is known for its colour variations, the topaz often is colourless. Topaz gets its colour by a special heat treatment. The colours after the treatment vary from yellow to green and from blue to orange.