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Gold trading

Pay with old gold

There is a gold fever at Diamond Point. All your old gold jewellery temporarily has an unprecedented high exchange value. For 14 carat gold, you receive 33 Euros per gram en voor 24 carat gold even up to 55 Euros

How does it work?
Buy a jewellery item at Diamond Point and pay up to 50% with old gold. You will receive the exchange value of the old gold as discount amount on new jewellery.
What will I get per gram
The price per gram of gold depends on the gold content:

14 carat gold = 33 Euros per gram
18 carat gold = 41 Euros per gram
20 carat gold = 46 Euros per gram
22 carat gold = 50 Euros per gram
24 carat gold = 55 Euros per gram

Price changes are reserved.
Calculation example
New jewellery:   550 Euros
8 gram 14 carat gold: -/- 264 Euros
You pay:   286 Euros

Terms and conditions
  • Some jewellery can only be appraised when all the parts that are not made of gold (such as a clock of a gold watch) are removed.
  • Diamond Point can decide to end this special offer prematurely.
  • You cannot exchange your gold for new jewellery which are part of an promotion/special offer/discount.
  • You cannot exchange your gold in combination with a Groeibriljant exchange. However, it is possible to exchange your gold during your first Groeibriljant purchase
  • The jewellery bought with your old gold cannot be exchanged or returned. After you exchanged your old gold for the new jewellery, the old gold automatically became property of Diamond Point.
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