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Guarantee institution

Diamond Point offers 14K and 18K golden jewels, unless stated otherwise. After crafting our jewelry in our atelier, we send every jewel to a guarantee institution (foundation Edelmetaal Waarborg Nederland). This institution tests all jewelry for before sale on its gold purity. Once the item fulfils the legal requirements, the institution stamps a quality mark on the jewel. The gold purity displays how much gold, silver and platinum a jewel contains.

Guarantee law
For over decades, golden, silver and platinum jewelry are marked with quality marks. These quality marks are one of the oldest ways to protect customers. The guarantee law of 1986 guarantees that an item from a certain weight, with a quality mark, contains the right amount of platina, gold or silver. This law also requires every golden item from 1 gram and more that is being sold, must to be marked with a valid quality mark. For silver the minimum required weight to be marked is 8 gram.

Gold purity and carat

Of all metals, gold is the easiest to work with. Therefore gold is ideal for crafting jewelry. Pure gold is naturally soft and therefore difficult to make jewelry of. To make gold more solid, other metals like silver, platinum or copper are mixed with the gold. In Europe the amount of pure gold that a jewel contains, is being expressed in karat gold. Pure gold is called 24K gold; this represents a value of 100% gold. 18K gold is a mixture of 75% gold and 25% other metals.

14K (585/1000)
18K (750/1000)
20K (833/1000)
22K (916/1000)

Compositions less than 14K cannot legitimately called ‘gold’ in The Netherlands.

Skin irritation
It is not very common; but some people find a black blemish on their skin after wearing gold. There are two simple explanations for this appearance:
- a change of amount and mix of skin acids can react on the gold composition. This, for instance, could happen during pregnancy.
- Using medicines and cosmetics like hairspray and perfume could trigger the skin irritation. Especially anti-dandruff shampoo could leave some product behind. 

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