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Discover diamond cuts


The phrasing ‘Diamond cut’ is used to describe the shape in which a diamond is cut. The most famous diamond cuts are the Brilliant diamond cut, the Princess diamond cut, the Emerald diamond cut, the Asscher diamond cut and the Hearts & Arrows diamond cut.

The value of a diamond is determined based on 4 criteria (the 4C’s):

  1. Cut
  2. Colour
  3. Clarity
  4. Caratweight

The cut of a diamond is the only one of the 4 C’s which people can influence. It requires craftsmanship and mathematics to transform a rough diamond into a magnificent diamond. To create a perfectly cut diamond, one needs excellent proportions and symmetry. These factors determine the brilliance and ‘fire‘ (the refraction and reflection of light) of the diamond. 

Different types of cuts

 A diamond can be cut in different shapes, of which the brilliant cut is the most famous one. However, there are more types of diamond cuts and they all have their own unique characteristics. Below, we listed an overview of the most famous cuts and their special characteristics.

Cuts Characteristics
Brilliant The brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape, and consists of 57 facets. Because of its exceptional brightness and its modern and timeless look, this brilliant cut is a very popular choice in engagement rings and other jewellery.
Princess The princess cut diamond is uniquely designed to create a maximum brilliance. The princess cut diamond has a unique square shape and has a sparkling look due to its 76 facets. Since the princess cut diamond is a timeless appearance with a modern twist, it is often manufactured for engagement rings. The perfect choice for a modern-day royalty!
Hearts & Arrows Hearts & Arrows diamonds are the most perfect cut diamonds in the world. Only one in a million diamonds can be selected as a Hearts & Arrows diamond. The diamond is perfectly cut, making it impossible to miss the precise proportion and symmetry. With a special loupe, a pattern of hearts and arrows will be visible within the diamond.
Baquette The baguette cut diamond has an elongated design with quadrangular facet-cut surface. The straight lines of the design of the baguette cut diamonds are toned down by the sparkling of the diamond itself. Moreover, because of the angle in which the light is reflected in the baguette cut, it creates a ‘halls of mirrors’ effect, giving the jewellery an elegant look.
Peonia The peonia cut diamond consists of 88 facets, giving diamonds the ability to reflect light breathtakingly beautiful. The ability to reflect the light this way, gives Peonia cut diamonds the luxurious appearance of a peony. With a special loupe, a pattern of flowers will be visible within the diamond. Diamond Point is the only brand in Europe that manufactures this special peonia cut.
Cushion The cushion cut diamond with its breathtakingly beautiful shape is known for its large facets and rounded corners, giving the diamond excellent brightness. The shape and cut emphasize the intensity and the colour of diamonds and other coloured jewels. The cushion cut is a perfect mixture of a traditional design and modern technology.
Marquise Marquise cut diamond consist of 56 facets and has an elliptical shape with a rounded centre and pointed ends. The centre of the marquise cut diamond gives the diamond a sparkling appearance. The marquise cut makes fingers look slimmer and longer. This cut is a real eye-catcher!
Buddha The Diamonds of Diamond Buddha are manufactured by hand with great precision and are cut in the shape of a meditating Chinese GUAN YIN. Guanyin is the goddess of comfort and mercy. The diamond symbolizes eternity, prosperity and happiness/luck. The Buddha cut diamond consists of 54 facets and is exclusively available at Diamond Point in the Netherlands.
Emerald The emerald cut diamond is known for its unique shape. The emerald has a rectangular shape, with cut corners and a large flat table. Although the emerald cut diamond looks similar to the baguette cut diamond, the former consists of more corners. The emerald cut diamonds consist of 48 to 50 facets.
Asscher The asscher cut diamond was first produced in 1902 by the Asscher brothers in the Netherlands. Although the asscher cut diamond looks similar to the emerald cut diamond, the former has a square shape. In the ’20s, this cut became extremely popular. This classic and timeless cut became popular again after it was shown in the movie ‘Sex and the City’.
Old single cut The old single cut diamond is one of the oldest shapes that exist and was used before the brilliant cut diamond was discovered. The old single cut has 8 facets at the top and 8 facets at the bottom.
Rose The rose cut diamond looks very similar to the brilliant cut diamond. However, the bottom side of the rose cut diamond is flattened, while the bottom of the brilliant cut diamond is not. The rose cut is an ancient manner to cut diamonds, and was one of the cuts that preceded the modern brilliant cut. The rose diamond cut has a convex top and 9, 2 or 24 facets.
Oval The oval cut diamond shares almost the same brilliance as a brilliant cut diamond. The oval cut diamond consists of 56 facets and is very popular among women, because it make hands and fingers look slimmer and longer. The oval cut diamond has an elongated shape, which creates the illusion of greater size. .
Heart The heart is the ultimate symbol of love. The heart cut diamond is seen as the most romantic diamond cut and consist of 59 facets. This ancient diamond cut is designed to immortalize love.
Pear The pear cut diamond, also known as pendeloque cut diamond, is shaped like a raindrop. The pear cut is a combination of a round and marquise cut diamond, and it consists of 58 facets.
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