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Jewelry care

A Diamond Point jewel lasts forever. If you take good care of your jewellery, you can pass it on for generations. The diamonds and gold will keep sparkling as if they are new.

By wearing your jewellery, the surface and gemstones could become dulled. Or your jewellery could get stuck behind clothing, which could result in bending of a setting, thus losing gemstones. We advice you to check and professionally clean your jewellery at least once a year. At Diamond Point we offer you this service for free. Please note that we cannot clean pearl jewellery in our shops. Our staff is experienced in all aspects of jewellery care, from cleaning gemstones to repairing clasps.

Gold & platinum

Between professionally cleaning your jewellery, you could maintain the glow of your golden jewellery by using a non-abrasive cleaner. Avoid exposing your jewellery to household bleech and other household cleaners, which could cause gold to discolor.  

Keep your jewellery in your Diamond Point jewellery box. The fabric in the box provided with an anti-tarnish that prevents the jewellery to become dulled.

For extra good care we advice our luxury gold polish cloth. This cloth is made of 100% cotton and impregnated with a special cleaner that polishes your golden jewellery.

Diamonds & pearls

Take good care of your jewellery that is set with diamonds or other gemstones. Even a diamond can chip if hit with enough force or at just the right angle. Stonetypes such as amethyst, emerald, opal, pearl, peridot, tanzanite and tourmaline are very delicate and easily abraded. Gemstones could also damage or scratch other gemstones. Avoid stacking rings with more vulnerable gemstones together. Also extreme temperatures, perfume, cosmetics and household chemicals could damage jewellery.

To clean jewellery, we advice to mix six parts water to one part ammonia and apply with a soft brush. Our special diamond spray contains polish- and tarnish ingredients that make sure your gemstones will shine as new.

We recommend you to check and professionally clean your jewellery at least once a year. At Diamond Point, we offer you this service for free. This prevents losing valuable gemstones.

If you own jewellery that is set with pearls, avoid frequent contact with bright light. This could dull the pearl. For special care for your pearl jewellery, we recommend you our pearl polishing cloth, which will make your pearl shine as new.


In some jewellery collections Diamond Point uses sterling silver. With the right care silver will keep its beauty. Silver jewellery tarnishes, especially when it is exposed to salty air and products containing sulfur. Silver jewellery that is being worn everyday needs less care. We therefore advice to wear silver jewellery regularly.  

Silver jewellery could easily be washed by hand in warm water using a mild detergent, preferable immediately after use. The jewellery should not be soaked in the water, but immediately dried with a soft cloth after washing.

Make sure to store your silver jewellery on a dry place, for instance in the Diamond Point jewellery box.